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How to Stay Fit and Healthy?

With so many fitness and diet programs shoved down to people’s attention, it is no wonder why the majority do not get the result that they want out from the diet program they engaged into. Although the fault lies with how people are not fully committed to the diet program, the other factor is that the diet program did not work so well with them that they have to quit midway.

Healthy Food For All


Paleo Diet - Avoid Junk Foods

How to Get the Best Results from the Paleo Diet?

Posted on January 8, 2018
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Paleo diet, or formally referred to as Paleolithic diet, is a way of eating that mimics our ancestors’ life.

As if going back in time, paleo diet believers stay away from highly processed food and junk foods, and stick to the natural, original way of growing, cooking and eating produces.

Paleo diet has undergone various changes over the years with individuals across the world adding their own touch. Most paleo dieters do not include dairy products, although there are some that include them.

Some highly consume meat, while others follow a regime pretty similar to being a vegetarian.

Paleo diet has numerous health benefits that have proven, despite many claiming the opposite. Compiling all the studies that have been done on the effect of paleo benefit ranging from 10 days to around 3 months in Healthline  shows that there is a significant decrease in weight, it prevents diabetes by controlling blood sugar, lowers cholesterol.

None of the studies were reported to be showing adverse effect from going through normal paleo diet compared to another control group in strictly diet only.

The Principles

As you may have known, accept only what nature offers you, not what those commercials and beautifully packaged snacks do.

The first principle is that anything in the ingredient lists that you recognize to be chemicals and none-natural means that you should not be consuming that products.

So, remove:

  • Snacks
  • Junk food/fast food
  • Sweet beverages
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Dairy products
  • Highly processed food
  • Non-organic vegetables and fruits
  • Some even remove meat from stocks that were not let to roam free.

Eating in moderation is the second thing you should remember. Paleo diet does help your appetite as long as sugar and salt are added in moderation.

Sugar can be addictive, so add only the required amount for taste and you can control your sugar cravings that will also help with your paleo diet overall. Some paleo diet, like mentioned in WebMD, strictly prohibit salt or allow only little in your diet.

Lastly, integrate this into your life. Living a paleo life (does not necessarily mean you should go out and hunt your dinner, which was actually done in a study) means you try to imitate cavemen lifestyle… added with the knowledge we now know that is truly beneficial to us.

For example, cavemen move a lot which means they exercise a lot and do not sit behind a computer screen staring at possibly radioactive monitors.

The ‘Modern’ Paleo diet

The first principle is something that many uphold when Paleo diet first raged throughout the internet and the world. As time goes by, many started to include various products and ingredients once that it was researched that those products are pretty much similar to consuming natural products.

Paleo diet is flexible according to where it originally comes from. Cavemen do not only exist in America, they can be found anywhere across the world.

Some cavemen have high consumption rate of wild berries, others from fruits, others from meat, so it can vary.

You can google for a paleo diet that you like or even modify one yourself if you understand how paleo diet works. It can also depend on what benefit do you want from Paleo diet, is it weight loss, or other health benefits that you are aiming for.

Working Out

We have talked about imitating cavemen lifestyle and nothing works wonders like working out can. Exercising regularly will help in burning calories, relieve stress, improve heart health and help with sleep deprivation.

If you are on a well-controlled paleo diet, you will experience what was proven in the studies mentioned above and even better than that.

A study on diabetic subjects on Paleodiabetic  shows that where their paleo-similar diet is integrated with daily activities that lead them to move around regularly and probably sweat regularly has proven to be healthy and contributed to their weight loss.

Not only that, integrating this will promote a much better and happier lifestyle. Working out also boosts your energy even though you spend energy when working out as it increases your tolerance and resilience.

Whether your paleo diet is high in carb or high in fat, working out will help burn those calories and help you reach your ideal body shape even faster.

Paleo Diet - Sugar and Dairy Products

What Food Can I Eat While On a Paleo Diet

Posted on December 22, 2017
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Paleo diet has been the raging fad for a few years. It is a diet established with the purpose of encouraging weight loss and improving health the ‘ancient way’.

Consisting of mainly vegetables, meat and a little to no cooking of food, the concept of paleo diet is that our ancestors ate the best possible way.

The way of our ancestors was good to the extent ailments such as diabetes were not prevalent. Implementing this in the modern age should reduce our risk to diseases just like during the stone age, by reducing the amount of food that went through possibly dangerous and unknown processing.

As Healthline suggests, Paleo diet has no strict rules for some food that should be avoided or eaten. And so, we have listed some of the food that are included into Paleo Diet

  • This inlcude poultry and all type of meat that our ancient cavemen could possibly hunt for; deer, chicken, beef, duck, rabbit, etc. Different forms of bacon is also okay.
  • Fish, shells, and all the natural resources of food there. Paleoleap has a list of fish that best suits the paleo diet.
  • You are not limited to, in fact, the more vegetable you consume, the better it is. There’s a wide range of vegetables you can choose from spinach, celery, cabbage, cucumber, bok choy, etc.
  • Not necessarily telling you to go eat fat, but you can include them in your diet in moderation. Things such as butter for your toasting and frying, fats from fishes are okay and even healthy.

The listed food are also ingredients that you see in many products, but what makes it different here is how you cook them.

Most factory send the ingredients through extreme heat, chemical mixtures under unguaranteed hygene condition, the very reason why Paleo diet stays away from packaged food.

Some paleo diet go as far as eating everything raw without cooking to avoid destroying the nutrients inside. However, it is also important that cooking is part of confirming the safety of your food.

By cooking your food long enough, dangerous bacteria, eggs and insects can be killed and they contain a lot of protein if accidentally eaten.

Salt and Sugar

You may have probabaly come across numerous paleo sites and experts that claim sugar is dangerous and salt is recommended in paleo diet.

Well, fact states that sugar is an addicting component, one of the problem in obese people where their craving for sugars are unstoppable.

Salt, on the other hand, thepaleodiet has a different take to this. Salt is believed to be a dangerous substance that should not be embraced in your paleo diet. It is proven when most of the food that are included in paleo diet are not high in sodium and thus, proven that our ancestors did not consume that much sodium.

However, salt has a “U” effect on humans. Lack of salt can lead to several diseases such as thyroid and Hyponatremia. If you say that salt makes you thirsty, well lack of salt in hyponatremia makes you thirsty, too.

So the key here, is moderation. You can imagine consuming chocolate without sugar AT ALL. Your image of chocolate will change completely. Adding salt and sugar for a little taste is a good way if you are torn between accepting and rejecting salt at all.

Some that ‘maybe’ should be avoided

Factory processed food and food that contain pesticides and chemicals are strictly prohibited. However, aside from those here are some natural food that is advised to be avoided:

  • Not that they are dangerous, but they just contain many carbos and adding them to our diet will just fatten us.
  • Grains and legumes. Experts say they contain antinutrients and lectins that make our body fight against ourselves and to top it off, they cannot be processed in our body. Many also said that our old cavemen did not consume grains, but did you know?

A discovery as old as 2015 has told us that cavemen did consume grains. Nationalgeographic has a news covered strictly on this. It is also important to note that whole grains contain all the fiber and nutrients our body loves while refined grains are just carbos and lectins.

  • Dairy products. Lactose is believed to not be meant for human. Research has also shown that our body could not absorb everything from milk that was never meant for humans.

If you really crave for dairy products, you can go for cheese, or other dairy products that have been fermented or cooked to reduce the amount of lactose and casein in it.

Paleo Diet - Meat, Vegetables and Fruits

What is The Paleo Diet?

Posted on December 12, 2017
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The humans’ fight to increase quality of life free from as many illnesses or, at least free from terminal ones, is unending. From the moment we could hunt and cook our own meat to the day where we had different people who raise, cut, sell, and cook our food for us.

The world has evolved. We believe we have evolved and so we believe that how we eat and live should evolve.

But, is that so? Life expectancy has increased, but on the other hand, our long life expectancy will be accompanied with increasing number of diseases and cancers. Is evolving really the way? Is going ahead of what our body allows really okay?

The Paleo Diet bases its idea from this. We should eat what we used to eat, the way our ancestors lived their life free of various diseases that we come up with. Cardiovascular problems arise significantly in the western countries as people develop and modifiy their food more and more.

We need to stop and return to what and how our ancestors used to eat.

Technically, Health confirms that there is no founder or any medical statistic to base this theory on. However, non-expert individuals across the world have found the argument to be strong enough to reason our problems today.

Nature is the key

Or at least, that is how the case is in most paleo diet. Since it depends on your ancestors, as Healthline says, there is no one right way to do it. Though, most of them usually livde moving around or are usually called nomads, they have considerably enough amount of exercises from the moving around done daily.

Usually the male hunts and the female gathers; they never had long enough time to grow many crops and move when food starts to dwindle.

Their diet comprises of meat, vegetables and fruits all free from processing except natural cooking processes and dairy products. Recently, more experts are agreeing on heavy green vege intake vs meat intake, collectiveevolution reports.

The research is also based on multiple observations done on chimpanzees, an ape species that experts believe to pose the most similar characteristics to us including in terms of digestive system.

Most chimpanzees consume leaves and vegetables, medium fruits and very little mammal meat. Vegetable is rich in nutrients and fiber, fruits are also the same but contain more sugar than vegetables and finally meat may contain protein but it is also one to quickly rot.

Holding fast to the principle

The Paleo diet if followed strictly will delete all fast food and processed food from your diet. This includes snacks, commercially sold sweets, all beverages that have gone through factory processes.

If you scan through lists of ingredients and spot one thing that is not originally of this earth and was somehow altered chemically, then that food should never be consumed at all.

Meat consumption can be as strict to how stocks were raised. Caged animals were shown to have a higher stress level than those that were let to roam free during their life.

So, choosing your meat might pose to be more troublesome than you thought.

Vegetables should also be raised as if they were raised next to your home free of pesticide and hormones sprayed all over them.

If the slightest chemicals are found, it should not be in your paleo diet. Organic products are your best options.

Eating your vegie raw is also recommended in paleo. After cleaning them off the dusts and possible pollutants and chemicals, serving them raw with a little dressing of olive oil is an example of the typical diet a caveman would have.

So, strict?

Though those are the basics of paleo diet, many have modified their own paleo diet into accepting certain food in their diet. For example, livestrong reported on how Japan and Korea both have some of the highest number of stomach cancer or other digestive system related cancer.

If you watch closely to their diet, their rate of raw seafood consumption is pretty high, rendering them easily contaminated with bacteria that could have been eliminated by properly cooking the meat.

Some paleo diet followers have advised against consuming raw meat as it may pose dangers to consuming the bacteria together with it. Some vegetables are also commonly infested with worms and other creatures that live on and in the vegetables.

For vegetables, though, it is easier to clean if you pay attention on the stalks by cutting them small enough to remove if you see any dangerous insects lying in there.

You can also dip them for tens of minutes in vinegar mixed with lemon water to remove possible pesticides and insects.


Paleo Diet – What it is and How it can Benefit You

Posted on October 30, 2017
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So many diets today, and now the Paleo Diet comes into the picture. It is just another fad to sell more.

Many people have thought about those words above but never considered trying it out whether it is good for them or not. With such mentality, it is understandable why they would come up with that conclusion. Just imagine the number of diet programs that have been introduced to the public and only a few were able to prove that it works for them. How much more with Paleo Diet? But when a celebrity endorses it, a different wave or influence would reach the audience. If the latter is done, there are already a lot of people that are engaging with Paleo Diet.

Get rid of your preconceptions or prejudices about diet in general and focus on what Paleo Diet can offer you.

A new yet old diet way

The Paleo Diet is known by other names – Stone Age diet, hunter-gatherer diet, primal diet, and caveman diet. From these words alone, you can already formulate or get a good picture as to what the menu will look like when you start to engage in this particular diet program. Just ask yourself one question – what kind of food do cavemen eat?

Premise of Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet is a meal plan filled with the same foods that humanity’s ancestors usually ate in their lifetimes such as nuts, seafood, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Experts share that by putting their diet more on the line with the pressures of evolution that shaped humanity’s genetics today, it turns into positive influences on health and the well-being of people. The Paleo Diet, according to the author of the same title Loren Cordain, Ph.D., it lessens the glycemic load of the body, and possess unsaturated from saturated fatty acids at a healthy ratio, heightens the consumption of vitamins and nutrients and even contains the optimal balance of carbohydrates, fats, and protein.

Disagreement from experts

The health benefits of the Paleo Diet are unproven even to this day. The only observation that they’ve got from the research was that how the ancestors were eating in this way and never had any chronic diseases that most people do today. However, it doesn’t mean that the food they ate is the primary reason for it. Concluding that idea would be like stating that humanity today would be living three times longer compared to the Paleolithic ancestors since today’s people eat more fast food. At least studies are showing the health benefits of the paleo diet, wherein it shows enhanced blood sugar through 12 weeks since partaking in the paleo diet meal plan compared to the Mediterranean one wherein it allows oils, low-fat dairy and grains. However, it is still difficult to say whether the researchers could come up with the same result when this is conducted in a larger study.

Paleo Diet Menu

Just like what the ancestors ate, all foods are fresh such as fresh meat, fresh veggies, and fresh fruits. There weren’t any refrigerators or preservation techniques made those days, which is why our ancestors are keen on looking for fresh food. They did not have any crops or livestock either to keep and maintain on their own. Experts of paleo diet advise dieters to go for organic or grass-fed variants when it is possible to lessen the exposure to pesticides, antibiotics, plus many other chemicals that weren’t existing in ancient times. Based on the research by Emory University, it suggests that the Paleolithic people gained 35 percent of calories from carbohydrates, 35 percent from fats and 30 percent from protein.

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